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Prior to becoming a full-time real estate agent, Christian Peterson worked for 13 years as an attorney working with families in the divorce process as well as on real estate transactions.  When I began working as a realtor, I noticed there was a real need for skilled realtors that are knowledgeable in the divorce process.  Most realtors have not worked with a divorcing homeowner, and similarly most attorneys have not assisted in selling a home.  And yet I found that every homeowner going through a divorce is in need of advice in both of those areas.  So I decided to combine his skills and focus on working with homeowners going through this difficult time in life and wrote a Real Estate Divorce manual which is designed for anyone who is going through a divorce that owns real estate of any kind.  It doesn’t matter whether you purchased that real estate before or during the marriage, or whether we’re talking about your family homestead or a vacation property. These concepts in this manual can be applied to all of these circumstances.

Keep in mind that the information in my manual is meant to be a general overview of concepts and does not constitute advice for your particular situation. I encourage anyone involved in a divorce to seek advice specific to your situation. You should consult with and consider hiring what I call a “Divorce Team” which I explain in my manual.

And if you’d like to talk to me more about anything you read in my manual or needed legal or real estate advice about a divorce, contact me today!

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